Welcome to ORO Fine Art Gallery online! Our clients, family and friends have dubbed the gallery “The Hidden Treasure of Albuquerque” because you literally stumble across our corner of the universe where viewing the work by the Master of Curvismo & the Dalí of the Desert, you travel to a world of creativity and wonder. He also loves telling stories, with his work and hearing him explain the purpose of each object, each curve, each line and space is infectious, and your own creative juices start to flow. We have been at this location for over 20 years and still we get lots of oohs and aahhs from those that walk through.

We’re starting 2023 with a bang, with new adventures and a new art form, techniques that are sure to stun! Where to begin! Ricardo has been diligently perfecting his art style. He is now introducing along with his curvism style – 3D Art. Made specifically to be seen by RainbowDepth Color Shift 3D glasses by Rainbow Symphony. Working with colors and tone can give the illusion of depth as if you can reach out and touch the objects or animals in the paintings. It is truly remarkable to view live so when you find yourself in our corner of the world, please stop by and say hello, enjoy the atmosphere and delve into the beauty that is art!

We also started a new project involving blockchain technology. We are still learning all about it and to help us understand it a little better, ORO Gallery has partnered with New Mexico NFTs (NMNFTs), a team of knowledgeable cyber experts that can help local artisans and collectors obtain valuable art collections of various form by way of blockchain guidance to enhance projects. ORO Gallery is one of the first to delve into this technology and hopefully more artists will come to see it as a means to boost their career. To start our endeavor, we are doing fundraising event so be sure to visit New Mexico NFTs for more information!