Our Mission

Our mission here at ORO Fine Art Gallery is to educate the viewer with art by the Master of Curvismo, Ricardo Chávez-Méndez. A self-taught artist who loves to teach and share his technique.

Our gallery is small and tucked away in the lower level of one of downtown Albuquerque’s quaint shopping centers. We are situated right by city hall and the Albuquerque Convention Center amidst a couple of prominent hotels-the Clyde Hotel and the Andaluz. It’s been dubbed the Hidden Treasure of Albuquerque because you literally stumble upon it but mostly because of the awe-inspiring art displayed by the Master of Curvismo, Ricardo Chávez-Méndez.

The gallery offers art instruction, original paintings as well as giclees and greeting cards. All are welcome and most get to meet the artist and get glimpses into his creative mind, how he thinks and his philosophies, which at times can be very profound. If you ever find yourself in the beautiful Land of Enchantment, in the Albuquerque area, we invite you to visit our wonderful gallery and stop in for a peaceful respite along your journey!

Video from Retail Archaeology – First Plaza Galeria Building