Born in Torréon, Coahuila, Mexico, self-taught artist, Ricardo Chávez-Méndez moved to Albuquerque at in 1981. The use of the airbrush for detail in his earlier work has earned him the title, “Dali of the Desert,” by Chicago’s Airbrush Action Magazine, an apt comparison which he relishes. Ricardo is truly an extraordinary artist. Currently he is introducing the art forms “Curvismo™” or curvism and 3D art by way of teaching and gaining a following into these movements.

Ricardo uses symbolism in all his work. He uses the universe with stars and planets to represent creation or evolution, water to represent life, and the numbers three and seven which are found in the Bible to represent religion. The numbers three and seven are prevalent in his life outside of the spectrum of art. He started his artistic career in 1973. He has 7 brothers and sisters. He is the third born in the family. Even in account numbers, the numbers three and seven appear either as 73 or 37. These are all trademarks of and can only be found in the unique and extensive Chávez-Méndez portfolio which consists of over 2000 works of art.

He is the official portrait artist of the Mariachi Spectacular de Albuquerque since 1994. He also designed the official logo. He has donated his time, money and technique to various charitable organizations and is very generous in the sharing of his craft.

Ricardo is included in various publications including “New Mexico Millennium Collection” and “Triumph of Our Communities”. His works are included in private collections nationally and internationally, including former First Lady of the United States, Laura Bush and former First Lady of Mexico, Marta Sahagún de Fox. His art has showcased internationally in China, Korea, Turkey, Japan, Australia and Denmark. He is co-owner of ORO Fine Art Gallery, dubbed the hidden treasure of Albuquerque where he teaches privately as well as group instruction, showing his work and maintaining his gallery and office of graphical and computer design, CYBERDESK Solutions.

Artist’s Statement

“Art presents itself with a certain kind of energy proceeding from our innermost being where logic nor intellect can be art. At the present time there are many people who believe themselves to be artists, just because they are able to paint on a piece of fabric. Art demands discipline and dedication. Art is the most beautiful way to express the talents that man has inherited; that is why it should not be taken as a means of satisfying the ‘ego’, nor a ‘pose’ in regard to society. Consequently Art should only have one purpose in mind: to create.” ~ Ricardo Chavez-Mendez ~