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Purchasing Original Art

Purchasing Original Art

To purchase an original Ricardo Chávez-Méndez, please contact the gallery directly by telephone. Visit to view artwork available for sale (those indicated as sold, of course are no longer avaialble). Most paintings come gallery-ready, meaning there is no bulky frame. This helps to offset the cost of shipping. All shipping and handling is the […]

The Master of Curvismo

Art is the most beautiful way to express the talents that man has inherited; that is why it should not be taken as a means of satisfying the ‘ego’, nor a ‘pose’ in regard to society. Consequently Art should only have one purpose in mind: to create.

Curvismo: Concept of an Art Movement

Girasol Dinámico - 36 x 48 - Oil - Sold

Curvismo is experimentation with play on color, form and imagery, starting with the curve. “The definition of a curve* according to Wikipedia, is a topological space which is locally homeomorphic to a line. . . Roughly speaking, a topological space is a geometric object, and the homeomorphism is a continuous stretching and bending of the […]


Giclée is a neologism, ultimately derived from the French word gicleur, coined in 1991 by printmaker Jack Duganne for fine art digital prints made using injet printers.


Ricardo has donated art for various local charities in the past and not sure what the future will bring. But ORO Gallery likes to help local charities when it comes to donations. Our current donation contribution is to the New Mexico NFTs with a donation of art for the NM Fire Relief Program. The monies will go to help the NM residents that lost their homes, farm life, and more in NM’s largest wildfire.